Meet Dayne

Q & A

Who are your main influences?

In life we have many people who influence us. Some are good influences and some are bad influences. Although, there are several people who influenced my life, most would have to be my Godfather. He was a very strong leader and sacrificed a lot in his lifetime to make others have a better life. I admire his strong confidence, he loved to make the world a better place unconditionally. I have become the focused leader I am today because I know things can be accomplished and by being that person who is not judgmental, but rather one who is conscious of the end goal.

What is your greatest accomplishment?

I think my greatest accomplishment was starting a business 22 years ago and making it highly successful and profitable, all in 17 months. Also, building a reputation where people look at the name and automatically know it is a good / fair company to do business with.

When I started the business, I saw a need for quality local management companies who could provide good service, so the client felt like they got a good product. I had worked with a few and saw so much unprofessionalism and I wanted to fix that perception.

I decided to take initiative start this company and market it as a turn-key for event management. This is a business plan based off of the European concept. I could offer a centralized management platform for clients and anyone that had a need to streamline their events. I marketed this service to all hotels and conferences coming to San Antonio.

Clients came to me with one small part of the meeting / event. By the time the actual meeting/event occurred, I was handling about 45% of the meeting /event. Over time these clients appreciated the professionalism and services. In 2020 my client retention rate was 85% of clients hiring my company to do everything up to international and global meeting/events.

What is important to you in life?

I believe in a balance of life with work and social. As a good person, I motivate and encourage those around me. Be it employees or friends. I’m always working to better myself and try to go out of my comfort zone. I enjoy doing the same with my friends and employees. Everyone is capable of overcoming many challenging obstacles, so I push those around me to challenging tasks that will better them and those around them. I believe encouraging people to rise to a better self makes them empowered and gives them a sense of worthiness. Thus, leading them to also have a better work / life balance. If someone is having a feeling of worth in personal life – that is going to transfer to a positive work life. And now that company that someone is working for has a positive worth as well.

Why did you choose your profession?

In my current industry, we always say you fall into the hospitality industry and do not plan this career. However you want to put it, I got into this industry and vowed to make a difference and be leader in it. I have served on multiple boards, US & internationally for this industry. I believe in customer service and also to be able to deliver a product/service. I built a reputation of being a good company and a good person.

What are you working on right now?

I am currently working on my MBA in Healthcare management. I am continuing to take coarse to become an effective leader in the Healthcare industry. I have a passion for this industry as I have been around it all my life in one way or the other. We manage hundreds of medical meetings for doctors/nurses. I have been Managing Caregiver for an Alzheimer’s resident for 12 years.


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